Mario Del Monaco

Mario Del Monaco, Nili Harpaz e Maestro Giuseppe Morelli

At a time when Nili Harpaz and Mario del Monaco were working closely together Mario received an offer to perform the “Fanciulla del West”at the San Carlo Opera House in Naples.

Mario del Monaco, who took his profession very seriously and would not sign a contract before going through the opera with a pianist. Unfortunately he found himself in trouble because it was the height of the summer and no available pianist was in sight! At the same time Nili was preparing for an appearance in Malta where she represented Italy. She had a lesson with Maestro Giuseppe Morelli and she invited Mario del Monaco to share the lesson with her so he might sing with a pianist. The class began with the opera Samson and Delilah, in the trio of Samson, Delilah and the High Priest.

Nili sang Delilah and the maestro began to sing both male roles.Mario del Monaco watched from the side, could not contain himself, burst out and joined the singing.

This is how this rare recording was created in which Nili sang Delilah, the maestro sang the high priest and Mario del Monaco sang Samson.

Listen to the special (and rare) recording here.